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About Us

We (the owners/directors) love the wilderness and after spending many years traversing this great globe, we decided to try and do something
different and get into our favourite industry
,so what a better way to give it a go than
with something new!

After recalling our tramping (hiking)
experiences and annoyances of getting
badly burnt and suffering other problems of
losing things along the way the simple concept became known- and "PotPal" the multipurpose outdoor accessory was born!

Tirelessly we have tried attempted, discovered and finally prevailed to bring you "PotPal". And now our aim is to provide trampers with a range of high quality products, which are both funky and affordable and produced with an equal and ethical attitude to all members of our community: from the ever so talented individuals who manufacture our products, to our valuable Soul Trampers staff and most importantly, you and all of you- the Soul Trampers community!

We are a community of people whose priority is to work together to create a profitable sustainable company that always puts ethics and the principles of fair trade before profit margins.

tree logo with STProudly supports trees for the future logo

Therefore, we only use manufacturers who
comply with our strict code of ethics and
we always undertake a full inspection of
all our manufacturers' premises before
committing ourselves to any partnership.

We aim to provide manufactures with a long
term commitment which therefore provides
better opportunities for manufacturers to help
improve their own standard and conditions, knowing the buyer will not just jump to the next cheapest manufacturer.

This is our principal direction and desire, and with our charity partner 'Trees for the future' we are able to help environmentally and improve their lives of many enpoverished communities by the planting of trees which minimize soil erosion, supply forage for animals, and provides a source of renewable and sustainable fuelwood.

Since 1988, Trees for the Future have planted nearly 65 million trees. They calculate that these trees remove over one and a half million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

So join a cause, spread the word, enjoy the products and plant trees with each product to help build the Soul Trampers global community.